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Bodywork : Massage Therapy


Massage therapy is well known for relaxation and pain relief, but the depth of healing that occurs through intentional loving touch goes far beyond a temporary break from the stress of everyday life. Within each session, we blend science and spirit to customize an experience that leaves you feeling physically, mentally and emotionally nourished, empowered, and whole.

  • Improve Circulation - proper blood and lymph flow can heal tired or damaged muscles, improve organ function including digestion, improve skin tone, improve fatigue, support healthy immune function, improve endurance, and much more.  Increasing FLOW of vital fluid and nutrients in the body is powerful magic for disease prevention

  • Reduce muscle, ligament, tendon, and fascia tension - using a combination of modalities including swedish massage, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, deep tissue, vibration therapy, and energy work, we can release chronically tight areas, support healing of injuries or surgeries. The magic is sometimes as simple as creating conscious awareness and acknowledging long-held tension patterns

  • Increase flexibility and mobility - by releasing tension in key places, you naturally regain mobility to keep you feeling young and able to enjoy activities without limitation or restriction. I often offer suggestions for stretching and home care that can dramatically shift posture and the way you work, play, and pray

  • Reduce stress hormones and balance nervous system - many of us are operating at some level of fight, flight, or shutdown because of the stresses of our lifestyle. This chronic, low-grade stress has a devastating effect on our health. Research has suggested that stress plays a part in 60-90% of ALL DISEASE. Most commonly, high blood pressure, heart disease, autoimmune disorders, anxiety, depression, mood disorders, hormone imbalance, and more.  Massage and intentional loving touch signals to the nervous system that it is safe to relax, rest, and repair. Making this a part of your self-care routine can be dramatically life-changing over time.

  • Connect to your higher-self and Spirit - by fully inhabiting your human form, you can experience a deeper and more peaceful connection to your true self. Our bodies are divine vessels with amazing sensory experience, always guiding us towards our highest potential. Through intentional loving touch, I help you hear the messages of your body and spirit with more clarity. With a strengthened connection to your inner wisdom you can remain more grounded in stressful or triggering situations, feel more empowered in your life, and experience the peace and pleasure of unconditional love that is our true nature. 

We are collectively beginning to deeply understand the vital need for human touch and connection. To make bodywork a part of your self-care and healing, send me a message to schedule!

Massage for the Body - Mind - Spirit

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