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MindBody Treatment:
Somatic Stress and Trauma Care

Working with the wisdom of the Body to Integrate Life

Image by Drew Dizzy Graham


This unique offering was created to support you on a deeper healing journey...

A MindBody session is bodywork that acknowledges every layer of you. It combines myofascial, craniosacral, lymphatic, nervous system, and trigger point technique with energywork, sound, and breath. You come as you are, and we listen closely and follow the wisdom of the body. 


The best way to understand it is to feel it - here are some things I notice when we are together:

* We S - L - O - W - W - W - W down. Down to the speed that allows your body and your mind to take in as much sensation as it can, while staying safe and present.

* I listen closely to your nervous system, fascia, energy, interstitial fluid, pulse, craniosacral rhythm, breath, spirit, and whatever else is speaking. I encourage you to listen closely, too. This is not a place to check-out, but to tune-in.

* We identify stuck spots - chronic or acute tension patterns that have been there for seconds, days, weeks, years - and facilitate their letting go, movement, consolidation, integration

* We almost always witness SOFTENING. Of tissue, structure, mental armour, hearts, energy miasmas - facilitating softening is my specialty

* We witness shifting between different nervous system states - freeze might thaw, then activate, then find a place of ease. Fight or flight can move and balance. Survival energy gets seen, and heard, and felt.

* You only meet and embrace what you are ready for. There is no forcing, pushing, expectation, or agenda. Not even to soften.

* I hum and drum, use singing bowls or tuning forks, sigh and breathe and tone. You can too.

* There is always MOVEMENT. Of emotion, energy, fluid within and maybe tears, toxins, etc.

* We intentionally welcome all parts of you and your life, and mine, for that matter. We practice inviting and allowing the comfortable and uncomfortable. Sometimes there is a sweet spot where it all blends together and we are present as the witness of it all!

* We are blessed with the miracle of meeting and trusting your body's innate intelligence, and following that towards balance and wholeness

All of this can happen! Right here in your body, mind, heart, field! And, most of it happens without words. Through touch. We feel through the layers, and keep returning to the present moment. It's the place where healing happens.


I so very much love this work, which feels like a PRAYER.


You might come to experience a MINDBODY treatment because:

* You 'know' there's vibrational residue from past trauma living in their body and mind, and you're ready to integrate it

* You want to practice RECIEVING LOVE more deeply. It's ok to be loved. It's ok to feel good. It's ok to be pleased by pleasure. It's okkkkkkkk

* You want to practice radical acceptance and compassion for the crunchy, sharp, grumbly bits too

* You want to practice trusting yourself and life, in a space that honors your needs, hurts, divinity, and boundaries

* Your ___ hurts and you need someone to make conscious contact and work that sh*t out while you stay present and breathe

* You've experienced touch that has been 'too much'- either as a trauma in life, or on a massage table. You crave contact to heal these touch-wounds, but you haven't found the right space

* You recognize a need for safe, grounded, loving co-regulation in order to access deeper parts of your self, and heal what might be a missing experience of this fundamental human need

* You have tension, aches, pains, imbalances, weird ass symptoms that traditional medicine doesn't help or acknowledge and you're pissed/defeated/overwhelmed and ready to try something new, knowing that the process will probably require you to change things in your inner and outer world

* You are sensitive, and respond to gentle, subtle, slow, attuned

* You aren't sensitive, persay, and respond to deep, slow, precise, attuned


From this new place of balance, we can more effortlessly engage with ourselves, our loved ones, and the world in a beneficial way. With MindBody Treatments, you increase your capacity and resiliency to stress and restore access to your true nature. We find space between our triggers and our reactions. We feel more awake and aware, and can respond.

We move through the world, and in our own bodies, with more mindfulness and awareness. From this place, old habits, patterns, lifestyle choices can shift with more ease, or sometimes, without even trying. This is a therapy of integration.

We find a new love, appreciation, and connection to the body, and it's easier to know what it needs to prevent pain and dis-ease, and to lean into LOVE

NOTE:  If you are intentionally working on trauma, it is recommended that you are under the care of a counselor or therapist, or have another consistent form of support to help process between sessions. I am a licensed bodyworker, and not a therapist. 

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