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Nutrition and Lifestyle, Mind.Body.Spirit Journey, or Psychedelic Integration

Support On Your Journey To Full Vitality

Image by Sue Carroll

We live in a time of wonder and chaos, where knowledge and opportunity are exploding seemingly at the same rate as disconnect and disease. Many of us are feeling a call to return to the simple practices of healthy food, meditation, prayer, returning to nature, exercise, etc, but we have collectively become disconnected from community, the Earth, ourselves, and each other, making it difficult to remember our innate wisdom and true nature. This is compounded by social and environmental degradation that is woven into our culture. 

As a coach, it is my job to support you in the radical and revolutionary act of  reconnecting to your True Self. It is from this place of True Self that we can more easily navigate all suffering - mental, emotional, relational, physical, and spiritual.  

What would it look like for you to be fully VITAL? What is holding you back from embodying your true, authentic SELF?

In my practice, people come with all different goals - 

  • Heal from a breakup or divorce

  • Heal from or better navigate a physical condition or disease

  • Optimize energy, nutrition, lifestyle, mood, mindset - VITALITY

  • Chronic physical and emotional pain

  • Work through trauma from childhood that is affecting life now

  • Prepare for a medicine journey or try psychedelics for the first time

  • Get better at meditation and self-care

  • Heal generational trauma

  • Recovery from addiction

  • Learn to have healthier relationships

No matter the end goal, we begin by taking inventory of where you are now, what may have brought you here, where you want to be, what resources you have and what challenges might arise. My approach requires radical honesty, acceptance, compassion, and self-responsbility, and you learn how to cultivate these within yourself. 

Changing requires MAKING CHANGES. The parts of us that are wired for survival often resist the very things that can set us free of our own limitations. Whether we are exploring ways to improve energy and mood, your relationship with intimacy, or healing from traumatic events, my work as a coach is to help you acknowledge and dissolve all blocks that prevent you from accessing the inner wisdom and full potential of your True Self. 



I offer remote sessions, and we work to determine a schedule of support that works for you. Working with a coach is an intimate endeavor, so we start with a free consultation call as a 'vibe check' - to make sure we are a good fit, and get all your questions answered. Reach out using the form below!

Image by Külli Kittus

Psychedelic Preparation and Integration

Psychedelic Medicines are re-emerging as a powerful way to connect with ourselves and heal trauma, illness, and the Earth. We get the most out of the experience if we prepare, have clear intention, and a solid container for unpacking our journey. 

Image by youssef naddam

Health-Centered Coaching

For those on the journey to embody their most authentic and radiant selves. We start where you are, and make changes at your pace to connect you with your innate ability to heal, grow, and flourish. 

We might focus on nutrition, gut health, trauma work, relationships, sleep, energy, mental wellness, physical illness, addictions

Image by Josh Eckstein

Navigating Transitions

Life has a way of brining us experiences that knock us upside down - forcing us to evaluate the way we see and relate to the world. They can range from blissful to uncomfortable to unbearable, and always leave us changed. Having support in times of loss, upheaval, or transformation can mean the difference between breakdown and breakthrough

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