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Float Therapy

Float therapy is created by adding large volumes of epsom salt to a pool of water, enough so that your body floats effortlessly. The water and room are quite warm, to mimic body temperature. You can either float in an enclosed pod, or in an open pool.  With either experience, you can have soft lights and soothing music, or choose to experience sensory deprivation - dark, silent, weightlessness.  

There are many benefits to float therapy. Epsom salt soaks can soothe and smooth the skin, and ease tight fascia, muscles, and joints. The salt breaks down into magnesium in water solution and is said to be able to penetrate our skin to have a relaxing effect on deeper tissue. 

Being completely buoyant in the pool means that there is zero pressure on our body, and our muscles and joints can completely relax from having to hold us in posture or against gravity. While it can take a while for our brain to allow this to happen, once these muscles relax, they can heal and repair from chronic stress.  It is becoming more accepted that our bodies hold mental and emotional stress in addition to physical stress. Complete and total relaxation of the body can have profound healing effects to our mental and emotional health as well. 

If you understand the benefits of meditation or entering an altered state of consciousness, your practice can be expanded and deepened with the float experience. 

I often recommend float therapy to my clients whom present with chronic fascial tension, often a result of long-standing stress or trauma. The weightless water environment combined with therapeutic effect of epsom salt can cause a neurological and physiological shift that 'releases' our bodies from the chronic stress response (and allows massage and bodywork to proceed with much greater effect!)

Float Milwaukee is dedicated to providing a clean, safe, private healing experience to the Milwaukee Community. They are located in Walker's Point neighborhood, just south of Hwy 94, and just slightly south-west of the Milwaukee Public Market. Visit them at and enter referral code Is-351889 (that's a capital 'i') to receive your first float for $45 on my behalf. 

Floating is a regular part of my mind-body wellness - join me in loving ourselves through our bodies!

Float Milwaukee...

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