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"Grounding" is a word that is being used more often lately, as we intuitively feel the need to connect to the Earth, fully inhabit our body, draw our energy out of our monkey minds, and away from politics, news, and other fear and anxiety provoking stimuli.

In order for the sacred act of grounding to not get swept into spiritual fad culture, we must truly understand and claim this concept for ourselves. To literally root it down into the ground of our being.

Cracked Earth

Grounding is an intention as well as a practice. In terms of our electrical nature, one can imagine discharging an excess of electrical energy from one form - often our bodies, or the atmosphere during a lightning storm - to another, like the Earth.


Another palpable description involves the feeling of excess energy in our mental body - thoughts racing, feeling 'spun out', emotionally overwhelmed, focused on things outside of our selves - where do you sense energetic activity when you are in this state? Most would say, the head and the space around the head. These states are connected to the mental body, because we are identifying with our thoughts. Grounding helps us touch into our physical presence.


Grounding is the art of discharging excess energy, or feeling into the rooted nature of our lower chakras. By practicing grounding, we experience our connection to Earth, and the part of our nature that is solid, secure, and held by the ground beneath our feet. When grounded, we might feel centered and balanced, even in the presence of chaotic activity. Less grounded might feel like a leaf in the wind - easily thrown off balance by outside forces.

Here, I offer a list of simple practices that all have the power to draw our energy into the present moment by shifting, discharging, or transmuting imbalanced mental, physical, and emotional energy. As we are each unique and every changing beings, please understand that what may be grounding for one is too stimulating for another. Or, what might feel solid and secure today may feel spinny and anxiety provoking tomorrow. I welcome you to pick a few from the list that feel appealing.


Take a moment to inventory your mindbody state before you practice. Where are your thoughts? Is there tension in your body? Can you describe your mood? After practicing grounding, take another moment to notice your experience. Has anything shifted? Your experience and discernment of what feels right is more important than anyone's suggestions or recommendations. I encourage you to explore and find your own unique practices that help you to feel safe, secure, and strong, with your feet planted firmly on the Earth.

Ways to Ground...

* Trying on Clothes - all parts of your body are being touched

* Sex

* Massage or other hands on bodywork or loving touch

* This silly and fun song! - The Foot Song

* Self Abhyanga - gentle warm oil application on your whole body, or at least the ears, neck, and feet

* Imagery meditation of tree roots extending from your feet through the Earth- youtube 'Grounding Meditation'

* Gardening, or caring for house plants

* Wearing copper, silver, or gold jewelry

* Weighted blanket

* Giving yourself extra time between appointments and travel - time pressure can be very ungrounding

* Using a grounding mat -

* Working with natural materials - wood, stone, clay, paper, material - creating art or crafting with hands

* The act of eating or drinking - putting things of the Earth into our body. The most grounding are healthy oils, butter, legumes, dairy

* Bath, foot soak, shower, running water over our hands or wrists

* Carry a stone or item of the Earth in your pocket to feel when you need

* Describe your environment using all of your senses - 5 things you see, 4 things you hear, 3 things you feel, 2 things you smell, 1 thing you taste. Repeat if necessary.

* Walking barefoot on ground - sitting, lying, standing on, or touching the Earth - see below for details on the best ways to physically connect to the ground.

* Gazing at the horizon

* Extending the exhale, smoothing out the breath

Below is a List of Conductive Surfaces that readily allow the electrons from the earth to flow directly into your bare skin.

  1. Soil

  2. Grass

  3. Sand

  4. Gravel

  5. Rock (that is touching the earth)

  6. Unsealed concrete or concrete with a water-based sealant

  7. Unsealed brick or brick with a water-based sealant

  8. Bodies of water (like the ocean, lakes, and streams)

  9. Most living trees, especially with wet bark

  10. Living plants


Note: Moist surfaces will be more conductive than dry surfaces.

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