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The Art of Manifestation Through Affirmation



We start by being unconsciously controlled by our mind.

Then we begin to notice it, and listen to the things it says.

We, in contact with parts of our higher self, realize that we don’t want to believe everything our mind says – that some of it is simply not true.

And therefore, we realize, we are not our mind! It is separate from who ‘we’ are.


This is the point where you have a choice to begin to argue with the mind, to dominate it, by telling it to stop, that’s not true, this is true, etc. The mind doesn’t converse, it just records everything it has ever heard. Instead of fighting with the mind, we can befriend it, and begin feeding it new messages. Resistance creates push back, compassion or non-reaction allows for transformation.


We must always speak to the mind in present tense, and phrasing things as what we DO want, or how we WANT things to be. Just like a child, running through the grocery store. We yell DON’T RUN! And the child hears RUN! We learn to say, please WALK.


Ex: I want to quit smoking. THE MIND ONLY HEARS ‘SMOKING’, and reinforces that. Instead, I have only healthy habits. I drawn only clean and nourishing air into my lungs. THE MIND REINFORCES THAT.


The mind is here to do our bidding. Speak to it carefully!


To become inspired to create affirmations, at first, it can be easiest to stop and notice when you are experiencing something you DON’T want, or that isn’t enjoyable. A pattern, perhaps, that you notice yourself in. Further below, you will find a list of Limiting Beliefs to help you access or identify some of your own.


Get clear on that noticing. You are having a shitty morning. Say it as a statement in your head, out loud, or on paper. “I feel frustrated. I didn’t wake up early enough and now I am rushing.”


Break it down, because this can become several affirmations!


I feel frustrated.


I didn’t wake up early enough.


I am rushing.

These can all EASILY turn into stories like: I am a lazy loser. I never plan ahead. There is something wrong with me. Etc.


Now, how do you WANT to feel, how do you want things to be?


Instead of feeling frustrated,

I am calm and at peace no matter the circumstance


Instead of I didn’t wake up early enough,

I allow myself plenty of time to prepare for the day.


Instead of I am rushing,

I take my time, because there is always more than enough.


These are your affirmations. This is an act of creation. The definition of creation is to bring things to life, into existence. You create it with your intention, and your words, and it is done! This is law.


You do not usually use them when you are in the moment of frustration. When you are already having an experience, the best choice is to fully experience it, without judgement, and accept it wholly. Really be kind, and tell yourself that you see the frustrated part, you see the part that wants to blame itself, you see the anxious part. Make friends with yourself and your human reactions. If you resist, it pushes harder to be seen. Just acknowledge your experience. This is revolutionary, and will take time to practice. You don't need to master this before beginning to change your script.


You use affirmations when you are feeling generally un-triggered. In the morning, at lunch, before bed, whenever you can create the daily habit of declaring your highest reality.


We must speak it as it is real NOW. Not that it 'will be' or 'can be' or 'should be', but that it IS. That being said, you most likely don’t believe your affirmations are entirely true, and that's ok for now. You may even have a visceral reaction of rejection, sadness, or disgust when you hear them or read them. All the more reason to reinforce them. This is one cue that it’s a worthy new truth to explore.


HOWEVER, it still must be speakable. There is a gradient of reality, of truths. If you feel ugly and undesirable, maybe you cannot speak to yourself ‘I am attractive and desired’. But maybe you can speak to yourself ‘I find beauty in my appearance one day at a time’. Do you feel the difference? Be gentle with your mind, and your ego, as they have been trying to protect you. Start just a step ahead of where you are, especially if you have a habit of self-sabotage.


You will need practice noticing your mind. It is the first step to reprogramming the scrip that runs in the background of your reality, that dictates what you see and how your life unfolds. If you don’t like your current script, and you set the intention to notice your thoughts instead of automatically believing them, then it will begin to happen! The magic of consciousness unfolding.

LIST OF SOME LIMITING BELIEFS  - If you find a few that resonate, write them down. Likely, your mind will have a few more limiting beliefs to offer around them as well. Are these REALLY true, all of the time? Do you want them to be true? Practice re-writing these into affirming statements of how you WANT to see yourself and the world. Create your own adventure.

Limiting beliefs about Money and Abundance

  1. Nothing comes for free.

  2. I will never get my big break.

  3. There is never enough.

  4. Everyone else gets all the good stuff.

  5. There is never enough to go around.

  6. I have to protect what I’ve got because there just isn’t enough.

  7. I will never make enough money to support my family.

  8.  Money can’t come to me easily.

  9.  Earning money requires working really hard.

  10.  Money is the root of all evil

  11.  You just can’t trust others with money.

  12.  I am bad with money.

  13.  Money is made to be spent!

  14.  I will never be rich.

  15.  Rich people are bad people.

  16.  Money turns people rotten.

  17.  You can’t trust someone who has a lot of money.

  18.  Money just doesn’t matter that much to me. I don’t need it!

  19.  As soon as I make it, I have to spend it!

  20.  Money is always on its way out the door.

  21.  The rich get rich, and the poor get poorer.

  22.  Making lots of money requires sacrificing who you are.

  23.  I am not worthy of being happy.

  24.  The world is cruel and not nice.

  25.  I can’t be trusted when things are going well.

  26.  If I had a better education, I could earn more money.


Limiting beliefs about relationships

  1. I will never find love.

  2.  I am not worthy of being loved.

  3.  I always get hurt (or dumped, or betrayed).

  4.  All the good ones are taken. 

  5.  No one wants me.

  6.  You just can’t trust anybody in a relationship.

  7.  I need someone in my life to be happy

  8.  I am useless on my own.

  9.  I need someone to take care of me.

  10.  Putting yourself out there only results in getting hurt.

  11.  I am bad at relationships

  12.  No one would like me for who I am

  13.  I am not enough on my own.

  14.  I need somebody else in my life to make me feel useful.

  15.  My family is always trying to keep me down.

  16.  Doing something besides what my family wants is betraying them.

  17.  I just have to put up with what I don’t like.

  18.  I have to do what my parents say or else (even as a grown-up).

  19.  Others are going to hate me if I stand up for myself.

  20.  Relationships aren’t perfect, so I will just deal with it.

  21.  I need someone to complete me.

  22.  Love never works out for me.

Limiting beliefs about work

  1. I don’t deserve to make money doing what I love.

  2.  It’s impossible to make money doing what you love.

  3.  It’s impossible to make money in the arts.

  4.  I have to be a starving artist to maintain my integrity.

  5.  I am not talented.

  6.  I have no special strengths.

  7.  I am not good enough.

  8.  I am not worthy of that promotion.

  9.  I just don’t have enough experience.

  10.  Who would want to hire me?!

  11.  I just don’t know how to manage big projects.

  12.  I can’t be trusted with responsibility.

  13.  Whenever I manage things, it just turns out awful.

  14.  Everyone else gets the good jobs.

  15.  I never get opportunities to take on big projects.

  16.  No one listens to me.

  17.  I will never find the right job.

  18.  All bosses are crappy.

  19.  My supervisor is never going to listen to me.

  20.  My opinion isn’t important.

  21. Working for the man is soul-crushing.

  22. You’re not supposed to like what you do.

  23. No one appreciates me.

  24. Everyone expects too much of me.

  25. I got passed over for a promotion again - it’s just not fair.

  26. My co-workers don’t like me.

Limiting beliefs about self-worth

  1. I am a failure.

  2. I can’t make things happen.

  3. I don’t deserve a better life. 

  4. Things just don’t work out for me.

  5. Who am I to be happy?

  6. I’m not good enough.

  7. I’m broken and can’t be fixed.



 Limiting beliefs about good health

  1. My body just heals slowly.

  2. Getting sick is unavoidable.

  3. I don’t deserve to be healthy.

  4. I have bad genetics.

  5. Listen to the doctor and do what they say.

  6. I am helpless to heal myself.

  7. I can’t help it, I’m a slave to my cravings/habits/addictions.

  8. I’m too lazy or depressed to be healthy.

  9. Living healthy is too expensive.

  10. I’m too weak mentally and physically to be healthy.

LIST OF SOME AFFIRMATIONS - This is a list to help you get creative with your own truth. Some may feel like a perfect fit, others might inspire you to get crystal clear on YOUR desired reality. What would life be like if you really believed these things? Feed your eager mind this new empowering scripting and find out! Remember, it can be counter-productive to stretch 'too far'. Honor where you are at, and feel for the next gentle step in the direction that feels good. If your new reality feels too lofty, your protector parts might throw it all out as nonsense. The more comfortable you get with affirming your new reality, the further you can and will naturally reach!

  1. I am attractive, healthy and confident

  2. I am worthy of great things in my life

  3. I observe my emotions without overreacting

  4. I meditate with joy and without resistance or anxiety

  5. I find joy in the moment

  6. Money comes to me in expected and unexpected ways

  7. Every cell in my body is healthy

  8. I achieve greatness

  9. I believe in my dreams, and they are becoming real

  10. When tension arises, it melts away, and I am left calm and relaxed

  11. I visualize my desires easily and effortlessly

  12. Everything is perfect in this moment

  13. I am supported

  14. I trust myself and have faith

  15. I am here for a divine purpose

  16. I have all the love I need

  17. There is romance and excitement in my life

  18. I am at peace

  19. My body is flexible and strong

  20. I am rewarded by following my intuition

  21. I am a child of God

  22. I am kind and gentle with myself

  23. I take responsibility for my own feelings, and allow others to do the same

  24. I am surrounded by a community that I resonate with on all levels

  25. My environment reflects the beauty within me

  26. I have balance between my work and play, and I feel rested and centered enough to enjoy it all

  27. Everything in my life happens in perfect divine timing

  28. I am protected by powerful angels, guides, and other divine energies

  29. I AM.

  30. My mind is a powerful and divinely inspired incubator for all of my hopes and dreams

  31. Every cell in my body heals miraculously each night I sleep

  32. Everything I put in my body brings me health and vitality

  33. I know my success is real

  34. I admire and respect my partner

  35. I communicate openly with my partner and resolve conflict with respect

  36. I love my partner exactly as they are, enjoying their unique qualities

  37. I share emotional intimacy with my partner

  38. I enjoy activities and celebrations with my family

  39. I love my parents, my sibling, and my extended family unconditionally

  40. I show my family how much I love them in every way possible, both verbal and not verbal

  41. My family provides the love and care I need

  42. I am outgoing and make friends easily

  43. I am amazing!

  44. All of my body systems function perfectly

  45. Every part of my body is healthy and full of energy

  46. I stay healthy because my immune system is perfectly strong

  47. I enjoy strengthening my body with exercise. I move regularly, breathe deeply, and feed my body nutritious food.

  48. I pay attention and listen to what my body tells me it needs to be healthy and vital

  49. My body is full of energy and pain free!

  50. I awake each day with excitement and peace, awaiting the good things coming to me

  51. Wellness is the natural state of my body

  52. I trust my voice, my message, and my gifts

  53. I always speak from my heart

  54. I inspire others to their highest good through my presence, my voice, and all other ways I share my gifts

  55. My relationships lift me up and bring out the best in me

  56. I rest in the peace and wisdom of my higher self in all moments

  57. All of my choices serve my highest good

  58. I love you

  59. My body only absorbs what it needs and effortlessly discards the rest

  60. There is always enough time in the day

  61. I am everything I ever wanted, hoped, and dreamed

  62. I am living out my wildest fantasy

  63. I allow energy to flow towards and away from me effortlessly, and I am always overflowing with love

  64. I am a powerful magnet for like minded individuals that become friends, business partners, and perfect love

  65. I trust myself

  66. I am safe

  67. I am worthy of love

  68. I stand by my heart, no matter how it feels

  69. I release all conscious and subconscious patterns that no longer serve me

  70. I release self doubt and rest in faith

  71. I receive all the physical, mental and emotional affection that I need

  72. There is no limit to the creative power within me

  73. All of my abilities and all I have learned become available every time I need them

  74. I travel to beautiful places and learn amazing things while connecting deeply with myself and other key people for my journey

  75. I am so happy, peaceful, loving, and enigmatic that like minded people are powerfully drawn to me

  76. I am happy with myself the way I am

  77. My self esteem and confidence increases each day

  78. I am aware of my thoughts, and in control of my response to them

  79. I am fully present in the experiences of the moment

  80. I am fully healed in this instant

  81. I see past illusions and distractions

  82. I can feel and see the sacred

  83. I give my true feelings the space and attention they deserve

  84. I assign my emotions to the correct situations and people



I am a holy human being created to live an abundant, prosperous life on earth.

I now accept the divine will of my life to prosper in every way.

I seek first the kingdom of loving my true self, and all earthly blessings follow.

I am a holy human being created as a living chalice for the overflowing waters of my divinity nourishing all life on earth.

I now accept these ever flowing blessings returning to me one thousand fold.

I am a holy human being created to tend the sacred flames of heaven on earth that always exist within me.

With the power of these sacred flames I bless my life as a sanctuary for all to take refuge in their divinity as well.

I am a holy human being created to breathe the breath of life with appreciation for my true worth.

I now accept the breath of my own holy spirit as the infinite wealth of my divine inheritance.

I am a holy human being created as the stargate for my higher self to flow forward and abundantly bless all of life, especially myself.

I now accept my innate holiness and allow myself to be at peace with my divinity.




As a holy human being I stand on the foundation of my true self and declare that it is safe to express and enjoy the qualities of my whole divine nature.

As a holy human being I stand on the foundation of my true self and declare that it is my divine right to create new realities from the prosperous peace of my christ consciousness.

As a holy human being I stand on the foundation of my true self and declare that wherever my feet walk, the earth is blessed.

As a holy human being I stand on the foundation of my true self and declare that I am a safe steward for the creative source of power within me to flow freely now in my life and in the lives of others.

I open the wings of my soul to reveal the splendor of divine nature.

I open the wings of my heart to reveal the splendor of my unconditional love.

I open the wings of my throat to reveal the splendor of languages of light.

I open the wings of my mind to reveal the empty space within me for the glory of my divinity to shine.

I open the wings of my infinite being to reveal the unlimited splendor of spirit within me, blessing the same source within all as joint heirs of the most high

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