Sunday, March 20, 2016

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

In the beginning
I don't know how to tell you
so I learn to speak
words that aren't mine

In the middle
I begin believing
the meaning
of the words that spill from my mouth
that aren't mine

And now
among brief rememberings
and fleeting forgettings
I am speaking words
that I barely recognize

They come from the far off land
in which I rested
all the years of the beginning
middle and end

Can you hear it?
the words are the same
but there is a joy in my heart
and on my lips

Watch us step out of
well-crafted empty shells
worthy earthly vessels
no longer fed
by tattered scraps of illusion

reborn every moment

Thursday, March 3, 2016

The Way Out Is In OR Fear, The Path To Surrender

Lets get a little hot and heavy.

The very things we run from, fear, and avoid, are the things that will set us free.  On some deep, subconscious level we acknowledge this - and we continue running - far, far, away from freedom.  Are we afraid that by embracing our fear, by looking it square in the face, we will be making a mockery of how we chose to live our lives up to that point?  Afraid to admit, our of shame, how blind and ignorant we seemed?  I dare to think we there is more courage within our sweet, wretched bodies than this.  Are we afraid that once freedom is attained, once we fully open our eyes and let that deeply rooted fear into our present consciousness, our whole world will change?  That every aspect of our lives that we have seemingly built ourselves will shift and possibly crumble when we become free of the fear that has driven us to create all that we have?  What if that fear is the only thing keeping us alive?  What if it is the only motivating factor in our current existence?  If the fear has made us who we are - has shaped all of our choices - then what happens if we let it go?  Who are we?  What are we made of?  How do we even live?!  What do we live for?!  We are so near rock bottom, I can smell the sulfur pits of hell - don't turn back now!  There is magic to come!  There is nothing closer to the top than rock bottom.

We realize that the fear has permeated ALL of our life.  The thought of being free of it then naturally raises the concern that, without it, one might actually disappear.  Into thin air.  No longer exist.  And therein lies the power of surrender.  You have either reached a literal or metaphorical 'rock bottom' at which point you no longer give a single shit, or you are one sick puppy, curious enough to travel into the abyss.  You say, 'fuck it', and let go.  Hoping, praying - maybe not caring? whether there will be something or someone there to catch you - or that there will be anything left for you to catch.  Feels like suicide.

You blink your tear-swollen eyes.  Or maybe they are hot, dry, and filled with rage from the frustration of it all.  Either way, they close shut, in surrender.  And then...they open.  They open to the same scene as before.  You are still alive, and your world has not imploded.  But something is different.  All is the same, minus a certain feeling...minus the choking strangle-hold feeling.  Minus the deep despair.  Just minus.  Your mind has taken it's metaphorical hand off your ever-so-real throat, and you take a deep breath.  You can still see and feel the dark tendrils that have maneuvered themselves into every far corner of your existence.  But they are no longer alive.  You cut off their life-source when you told fear you don't fucking care anymore.

Now you go to work.  By instinct alone, you begin removing the dead threads of fear, one by one.  With some effort, they pull gently out of the deep, dark, recesses of every aspect of your life.  You drag, peel, and scrape the decay from each tunnel.  You rest when you are tired, and you begin again.  And as you dispose of the decaying tendrils, you notice the void that is left in it's path.  A beautiful void, a perfect absence.  By instinct alone, and by perfect accident, you have cleared the way for the light of spirit to enter.  As you step back, your hands and nails caked with sludge and your brow sweaty with the effort, you see an unbelievable sight.  All the dark tunnels and sunken pathways, now illuminated with light, create the most vivid and stunning stained glass art piece that is your friggin life.  And the light goes DEEP - as deep as the fear went - into every part of your being and every far-reaching corner of your existence.  The deeper the fear, the more illuminated the life.  Who would have thought.

Do you see it?  Can you feel it?  Surrender is like a suicide attempt gone perfectly right.  By giving up on everything you thought you were, you give in to everything you truly are.  The fast-pass to spiritual re-birth in this lifetime.  I don't know about you, but I don't have time to waste.  Sign me up.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Sticky Spirit - Book Club Interest Survey

Dear Book Clubbers and fellow Sticky Spirits,

This all started from a facebook post about 11 Influential Spiritual books.  After reviewing the list and ordering a few of the books, some of them are really friggin 'out there', or hefty tombs.  While I love weird shit and anything hefty, I thought we should survey the crowd.  If we are hunting for a highly enjoyable, highly effective, and orgasmically transformative gathering of souls, then this is just some R&D to get us there.  A little too intense?!  I can turn that down.  Maybe.  Not really.

**BOLD the following categories that you have interest in learning more about.  

**Use strikethrough over any categories that you definitely do not want to read about.



Native American Spirituality

World Religion/Theology

Energy Medicine/Healing the Body, Mind, Spirit

Physics and Metaphysics – Science in Spirituality

Past Lives


Power of Positive Thinking

Medical intuitive/Medical Miracles

Animals in Spirituality

Self-help: career

Self-help: relationships

Biography or Autobiography of Ancient and Modern Spiritual Leaders

Spirituality in Nature


Psychics/Channelling - Clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance, etc


Death, War, Evil, Darkness – in Relation to Spirituality

Spirituality in Poetry

Nothing freaky, just normal stuff about the Soul

What are we missing?:______________________________________________________________

I vow to read with an open mind, and an open heart.  I vow to take only that which is good for my spirit, and to gently discard the rest.  I understand that there are many paths to God/Spirit/The Divine/Mysteries of the Universe/Life.  I vow to take care of myself on my path, and to treat others with compassion and understanding as they travel theirs.  I believe, as a student of the Earth school, that infinite wisdom, love, and grace are within us all.  As we gather here today, please let me reflect upon my fellow travelers the best of what lies within me. 


Monday, October 26, 2015

ShAy Jawson, LLC - Gentle Guidance on Your Journey

ShAy has been guided to heal since she was young. She is a gifted teacher, and fellow seeker. Her journey accelerated after a powerful session with one trusted spiritual advisor. She made the declaration "I'm ready"... For what, she did not know, but the Universe heard her loud and clear. From then on, the call to heal mind, body, and spirit was no longer a faint whisper.
 Her mission is to help you uncover your faint whisper, so you may reconnect to the limitless love and power that lies within your true self.
She believes that everyone deserves support on their journey in searching for something MORE...
Practicing out of Waukesha, WI, ShAy uses Reiki energy healing, angel therapy, meditation, nutritional healing, and coaching to guide you closer to your divine light, and empower you to uncover your true purpose.
You are unique, and so is her approach - call to schedule a free discovery session today. It's time.  608-347-1398

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My Toxic Sludge Slipping Under...

Environmental toxicity is one of the most important causes of chronic illness in the world today.  Much focus has been given to heavy metals but less to an even more ubiquitous toxin family, petrochemicals.
Every man, woman and child in the United States has at least one petrochemical solvent in their blood stream and likely more than 100.  Scary.
Our bodies are smart, and have a natural capacity to detoxify and excrete many of these modern chemicals.  However, the quantity of toxins in our environment has increased so dramatically, our organs are having a hard time keeping up.  Environmental Chemical Toxicity has been related to a dizzying array of symptoms and chronic disease (including dizziness!).  Examples include:
  • brain fog
  • cancer
  • heart disease
  • fatigue
  • infertility
  • shortened pregnancy, low birthweight
  • erectile dysfunction
  • PMS
  • headaches, migranes
  • eczema, dermatitis
  • digestive distress
  • insomnia
  • Alzheimer's and dementia
We are all exposed to toxins, but becoming more educated is the first step in reducing exposure.  Start by checking out the links below.
In order to discover environmental exposures in the United States, go to and type in your zip code  to discover what businesses are polluting your area.
Go to and access their database Skin Deep to find out what toxic chemicals are found in over 70,000 personal care products. 
Do a personal home assessment on cleaning products and switch to less toxic substitutes one by one.  An incredible resource on living the non-toxic life is
Little by little, we must take control of our health.  We live in a world where technology and convenience are moving faster than our bodies can keep up with.  Stay informed, and share with those you love!
If you are interested in being tested for environmental toxins and learning how you can effectively detoxify your body, contact me at 262-754-5500 for a free consultation.
Stay Well,
Shay Jawson

Saturday, February 1, 2014

THIS is what they mean by Chicken Soup for the Soul

I want to show you how easy it is to make amazing home-made bone broth.  Bone broth contains gelatin, minerals, and amino acids that are like magical healing elixirs for the digestive tract and for our joints and connective tissue.  This is, by far, one of the most powerful super foods available for our typically sub-par modern diets.

I use this broth in soups, as the liquid for cooking rice or other grains, for gravy, or just drink it straight.  This is an excellent source of absorb-able calcium!

Check it out:

1.  Find some bones.  I get mine from the winter or summer farmers market vendors.  I make sure their cattle, chickens, or turkeys are grass-fed, chemical-free, and hormone-free.  We are going to be soaking these bones for hours, so it is important that you start with a pure product.  They will often be labelled 'beef soup bones' or 'chicken backs and necks'.  Buy as many as you can store.  I have a small chest freezer in my basement that is full of bones.  Finding a good source isn't always easy.  So when you do, make the most of it. 

If you can't find soup bones from a good source, just start saving your own.  If you are already buying organic or 'clean' meat, just start saving the bones by putting them in a freezer bag after you've eating the meat off of them.  The biggest bang for your buck will be rotisserie chickens and the turkey carcass from thanksgiving.  DON'T THROW THOSE PRECIOUS BONES OUT!  Make sure to save as much cartilage and tendons as possible.  That's where the best gelatin comes from.   Also, the jelly-like goop at the bottom of the pan is FULL of gelatin and flavor - scrape it out and throw it in your freezer bag if you aren't going to use immediately for gravy.  Once you get a freezer bag or two of bones accumulated, you are good to go.

2. Pull out the biggest crock pot you have.  Set up an area that you can let the crockpot sit for a few days.
Lay a towel underneath, because you might get some leakage.  

Fill the crockpot with your frozen bones - as full as you can.

Pour in 1 tbsp of raw apple cider vinegar (Bragg's is most common brand).

Add 2 tbsp sea salt.  Beware: if your sea salt is white, it is probably not real sea salt.  It has likely been refined, and even possibly bleached.  This removes the minerals, which is the whole point of using sea salt.  Make sure your salt has color to it - grey, pink, etc.

Cover bones with spring water or filtered water - NOT tap water.  Tap water is disgusting and is filled with chemicals and other nasties.  Leave an inch or two of room at the top because water will expand as it gets hot.

If you want to add flavor, throw in a few carrots and celery sticks, half an onion, a few bay leaves or thyme sprigs.  This is optional.

Turn crock pot on low and let it sit for 12-24 hours.

3. Pour into containers and do it again.  You can do this a variety of ways.  I like to pour my broth into a big pitcher with a spout.  **Leave the bones in the crockpot**  Then I pour it into quart or 1/2 gallon glass mason jars (only fill 2/3 full because jars can break once you put them into freezer).  Let sit until they come to room temperature, and cover.  Store in fridge for up to a week, or store in freezer for up to 6 months.  You can pour into freezer-safe bags or plastic containers too.  I just prefer to avoid plastic.

Here's the awesome part - you can repeat the process at least 3 or 4 times and still get great broth!  Add fresh water, vinegar and salt to your bones, turn it on low, and walk away.  The bones continue to offer up minerals and gelatin, and your body will be thankful. 

4.  Defrost the broth and enjoy.  The fastest way to defrost the broth is to submerge the jar in cold water.  Drain and re-fresh cold water a few times - this method takes an hour or two to get it defrosted enough to slip into a pan.  DO NOT use microwave to defrost - you worked hard for your magical broth and you don't want to kill the nutrients with micro-waves.

Season to taste, and ENJOY!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

C'mon Get Happy

Ok, I'm  not a Partridge Family fan, but I want talk about Happiness today.  Happiness is King.  Ask your friends, family, anyone on the street what they want in life.  Some may say they want to win the lottery, find true love, have a great job, have a healthy family, vacation home, etc.  What do all of these things have in common?  People feel that these things will bring them Happiness.  It is the elusive end all, be all.  Aristotle said: “Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence”.  

Happiness often feels like that thing that is just out of our reach - 'if only I had _____,  THEN I would be happy'.  I don't know about you, but that sounds exhausting to me.  Constantly searching for happiness?  Screw that, I'm lazy.  I don't want to spend my life chasing this elusive concept that always seems to be just out of reach.  I can't even get my ass to the gym half the time.  What if there was a way to be happy NOW?  

I recently listen to an interview with Marci Shimoff, author of Happy for No Reason.  She explained that science has discovered we all have a happiness set-point.  What this means is, we were built with an inner thermostat that dictates our level of happiness regardless of what good or bad things happen in our life.  For example, a person can win the lottery, be happier for a few months, maybe even years, but eventually they will return to their original happiness set point.  Or, on the other hand, we've heard tragic stories of people becoming paralyzed after car accidents.  They have a miserable time for a few months or years, but eventually, they return to their original happiness set-point.  This often seems so courageous and heroic, but it is really just a natural, scientific fact. Some of us are born happy, some of us aren't.  Let's take a closer look.

This happiness set-point has been broken down scientifically into 3 sections.  50% of our happiness is dictated by genetics.  10% of our happiness is dictated by our circumstance.  Yes, 10%.  And 40% of our happiness is dictated by our habits and behaviors.  Oh, and by the way, there is a field of science called epigenetics that is based on the concept that we can even change our GENES with our behaviors.  So, 90% of our happiness is in our own hands.  Yes, this means that we cannot blame your life on anyone or anything else.  Damn.

So what does this mean?  For me, it means that depression, chronic unhappiness and sadness are not a deficiency in anti-depressant medication.  It means that 1 in 5 women are on anti-depressants not because there is something internally WRONG with us, but because we just don't understand how our minds, bodies and souls are meant to function anymore.  Sorry guys, I don't know the stats for men, but I'm sure they are equally as depressing.  Ha, really.

The good news is that there are ways to raise your happiness set-point.  Marci Shimoff's book, Happy For No Reason, outlines 21 different ways to do so.  Go ahead, read the book.  The thing is, these are just suggestions.  The real power lies in the understanding that we are in control of our own happiness.  Nothing external can make us feel better or worse about ourselves.  Only WE can decide how we want to feel.  Easy?  No.  The beginning of an awesome, rewarding, and inspiring journey.  Um, yes.

Below I have included a quiz from  Wanna talk about it?  Comment on this post.  

Shay Jawson

The Happy for No Reason Questionnaire
The following Happy for No Reason questionnaire is modeled after the tests that Positive Psychology researchers use to determine people's happiness levels--with one important difference! Most happiness questionnaires are "state-dependent"; that is, they ask you to rate your happiness according to what's going on in your life (job, career, relationships, and so on) and how satisfied you are with your life circumstances. Those questionnaires measure Happy for Good Reason. This questionnaire is completely unique; it measures Happy for No Reason, or your happiness level from the inside out.
As you answer these questions, think about how they apply to you in general.
Rate each statement on a scale of 1 to 5:
1 = Not at all true
2 = Slightly True
3 = Moderately True
4 = Mostly True
5 = Absolutely True
  1. I often feel happy and satisfied for no particular reason.
    1      2      3      4      5
  2. I live in the moment.
    1      2      3      4      5
  3. I feel alive, vital and energetic.
    1      2      3      4      5
  4. I experience a deep sense of inner peace and well-being.
    1      2      3      4      5
  5. Life is a great adventure for me.
    1      2      3      4      5
  6. I don't let bad situations keep me down.
    1      2      3      4      5
  7. I am enthusiastic about the things I do.
    1      2      3      4      5
  8. Most days I have an experience of laughter or joy
    1      2      3      4      5
  9. I trust this is a friendly universe.
    1      2      3      4      5
  10. I look for the gift or the lesson in everything that happens.
    1      2      3      4      5
  11. I am able to let go and forgive
    1      2      3      4      5
  12. I feel love for myself.
    1      2      3      4      5
  13. I look for the good in every person.
    1      2      3      4      5
  14. I change the things I can and accept the things I can't change.
    1      2      3      4      5
  15. I surround myself with people who support me
    1      2      3      4      5
  16. I don't blame others or complain.
    1      2      3      4      5
  17. My negative thoughts don't overshadow me.
    1      2      3      4      5
  18. I feel a general sense of gratitude.
    1      2      3      4      5
  19. I feel connected to something bigger than myself.
    1      2      3      4      5
  20. I feel inspired by a sense of purpose in my life.
    1      2      3      4      5
Scoring section:
If your score is 80 - 100: To a great degree, you are Happy for No Reason.
If your score is 60 - 79: You have a good measure of being Happy for No Reason.
If your score is 40 - 59: You have glimpses of being Happy for No Reason.
If your score is under 40: You have little experience of being Happy for No Reason.
Whatever your score, don't be discouraged. Science tells that we have control over at least 40% of the factors that determine our individual happiness levels. So, it doesn't matter where you begin; what matters is that you do begin. Reading my book Happy for No Reason will enable you to be happier right away. Once you've been practicing the seven steps and the Happiness Habits listed in the book, take the questionnaire again. After that, assessing your Happy for No Reason score on a regular basis will help you chart your progress.