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I Know Faith by Name

Have you ever met someone who walks with a deep faith in their eyes, like it comes from a place that is shrouded in darkness, as black as night, A place so dark it is like the beginning of time? That kind of faith?

It is not unwavering in form, In fact, it is wildly imperfect. Doubt and self-sabotage are regulars In the parade that the body does As it moves through this life As if faith is a forgotten mantra Not even a whisper

How is it true That the vessel also happens to be clothed in beauty, and compassion, Fierce and silent Carrying a love so deep It goes inside-out And spills Often

Ive seen this, I fell in love with it. But maybe not in that order Because I suspect it was the depth of my longing, To know a heart, That travelled me straight to the faith that sits At the core Of them all


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