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I Am Not A Healer

I am not a healer

Because this would mean there is something wrong,

That needs to be healed

I am a reflector of your divine perfection

You are not broken because of things that 'happened'

You have had a unique set of experiences

That have you feeling a unique way

And are asking to be integrated -

For their hologram program to dissolve

And unhook you from their spell

So you can remember

Your true divine nature

This happens, like magic, when we rest in the present moment

When you come to me, three things occur

1. I listen to your vibration

And it tells me a story

But i must only listen; and very carefully

2. I explode with gratitude to have the opportunity to reflect your perfection

Its like a cosmic celebration, with every song and dance ever made

This seems to hold us both in strong presence

When I open my eyes

And everything seems to shimmer

This is how i know we're there -

Here. Now.

3. And then your magi

c happens

You expand, contract, become clear, flow, burn, release, absorb


To the present moment

Where you are fully whole and well

And you integrate

The experiences that have happened

That had you believing otherwise

I facilitate that journey with my hands,

in my room, during your appointment time,

that YOU scheduled with great intention

To experience your divine wholeness

But the magic is everywhere

I am just part of a set and setting

That you arranged

To drink your medicine

To integrate

To remember your wholeness

And for that

I am humbled

And honored

And thankful

Because being present with you

Is all I came here to do


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