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We Survived

When things are 'good' - not feeling survivally - what do you do? Enjoy it? Destroy it? Begin preparing immediately for the hard times that will inevitably come as part of life?

I often have to fight against the instinct to go into immediate preparation mode, in order to allow space for simple joy. I've come a long way, but it's still a thing. Whether it be past lives or simply my DNA speaking loudly, it was a matter of survival for my ancestors to scrap the non-pragmatic experience of joy when the storm passed and the sun came out.

Instead, I feel the knee jerk and STRONG urge to put my head down and get serious about what it's going to take to survive the next hard time. Granted, what it looks like has changed dramatically. I'm not tilling fields to avoid literal famine, I'm learning about my addictive habits to avoid an inner famine. I'm not rebuilding the castle wall to protect against attack, I'm looking at a master's degree to avoid the attack of the cost of modern living. The scenery changes, but these patterns are not a coincidence. They are speaking to me across the ages. They are calling for ceremony and celebration when things lighten up. How cool. What feels really good, is to be so deeply grateful for the grit and determination I have inherited. It does not feel good to damn my past for making me a certain way and blame my ancestors for doing what they had to do to survive. I don't want to feel like a victim to life or to anyone. In making this choice to be grateful, I am acknowledging my own power to evolve and literally change the course of time. For me, doing this GENTLY proves that I am actually evolving. Because it's just as easy to put ones head down in the relentless pursuit of joy, and miss the point entirely. I know because I tried that too. We are all products of where we came from and the things that happened, but we are NOT destined to follow suit if there is something inside of us asking for things to be different. I inherited unlimited precious treasure when I was born with the determination of my ancestors.

You were too. If it's hard to see, go back farther in time. Someone survived. You survived. And you will, until it's time to stop. That truth is etched in our bones, we just have to trust it. And have a party everytime the darkness passes and the sun comes up. Last time I checked, that shit happens every day. Woot! ❤️🎉

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