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War and Peace

Wherever there is love, there is the threat of the lack thereof. We are becoming aware that war is not the way to defend our right to love. The reality is, pure love needs no defending. But our humanness still asks it if ourselves and of others. Many of us have set our hearts against war, but have not evolved enough to fully trust that love is limitless and everlasting in all moments. We are learning. It takes time. Lifetimes. I get the sense that grief is playing a powerful role in our ascension. An internal war of sorts, intended to tear us open and expose our hearts. It calls for surrender, and leaves scars. It can destroy a person just as methodically as a physical weapon. To embrace the battle with your deepest grief and make it out alive deserves great honor in my eyes. I have seen people emerge from the depths of hell of their own pain and torment, and rise. It's these stories that inspires many of us to keep living. But this world is one steeped in duality. Winner, loser, life and death, right and wrong. Grief and sadness seem to offer a way to cut through the duality. What has been right or wrong for centuries loses all meaning in the face of grief. Maybe what I am sensing is that we are collectively coming into a time where enough war has been waged. Where we are learning to expose our hearts in surrender, because we are beginning to realize it's the only way to let the love in. We aren't fighting war with peace. We are ready and willing to grieve. For thousands of years of humanness. I know some of you feel this. It's a stretch. Let's support each other. 

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