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Beauty in the Breakdown

For those who know the limitlessness of their soul, the experience of being human in a world of perceived limitations can be a lifelong struggle bordering on torment. The degree to which we remember the perfection of our source seems to sometimes reflect the degree to which we struggle against this life on Earth. I have witnessed this contrast most starkly in anyone struggling with addiction of any kind. The disparity between heaven and Earth is too much to bear, and some of us come in to the world remembering our divine home a little too vividly. Leaving home and being born into this world is the one trauma that we all share. It's the original wound. And, as is often the case with trauma, we will walk ourselves right into the path of reopening that wound as many times as necessary in order to wake up and heal. In the manner of addiction, it is the need to escape and be reminded of the feeling of ecstacy or surrender, only to have it disappear and be left wanting. Sometimes the addiction is to pain, or an emotion. Whatever substance that can render us helpless - the vulnerable point at which we are cracked open enough to heal. But why must we suffer? The basis of the original wound, and all successive traumas, is the perceived separation from our source. The book and study material A Course In Miracles suggests that this separation is an illusion, and the root of our suffering. The healing is to dispel this illusion and remember that there is only one truth. We are simply love. Fear and all other feelings of lack and separation are a mirage. We are here to simply remember. To bridge the gap, shorten the distance, fully integrate heaven on Earth. We are each having our own amazingly unique experience trying to figure out how to do this. For me, it is crucial that I remind myself as often as I need to that we are not here to suffer. When things present as difficult, my job is to find the best way back to the truth. Every injustice, every injury, every ounce of heartache and pain is an opportunity for me to allow more grace, love, and conviction that above all else, we are here to heal. To close the gap of separation and remember that we are all connected, whole, and divine. And guys? Sometimes this has me looking a little bonkers. No matter what, more grace, love, and faith? Idealistic and utopian, to say the least. Passive? Enabling? Mentally unstable at worst. But there is nothing I feel more strongly about than this. Even when it's hard, or unpopular, or is certain to get me hurt. And I'm not always good at it. Sometimes I fail pretty miserably. But it is my life's purpose. So I get back up and keep slinging love. Our beliefs set the precedence for how we live our lives. And no matter the level of oppression and corruption, in most cases, we still have the solidarity to hold in our heart a vision of how we want to live. Maybe I'm compelled to write this because the political climate and recent issues have me feeling threatened, protective, and ready to attack. As a response, I will dive deeper into the well of love and faith. Because it is all there is. There is no weapon more powerful than the truth, and the only truth is love. As a response to disempowerment, let us empower each other. As a response to hate and greed, let us love without limit. As a response to the systematic destruction of safe space, let us create indestructible temples within our own hearts. I'm feeling it today. 

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