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Different Paths, Same Destination: The Road to Recovery from Addiction

Refuge Recovery is a non-profit organization grounded in the belief that Buddhist principles and practices offer a strong foundation for a path to freedom from recovery.  Meetings are held at several facilities in the metro-milwaukee area, and offer an alternative to the traditional AA approach. 

A Buddhist approach to recovery is focused on creating mindfulness through meditation, understanding the nature of our suffering, and learning ways to engage in relationship with ourselves and the world from a place of non-attachment. 

I have experienced drug and alcohol addiction in my life with family, partners, friends, and professionally. In studying my own addiction, I acknowledged that most of us suffer from separation of self, and the compulsion to reach outwards to fill a perceived void. There is a great power in recognizing this within ourselves, and there are many ways one can begin the path to healing. If ya feel the Buddhist vibes, check out this event, or one closer to you found at

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