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A Mermaid story begins

She forsake herself long ago. It was written all over her bones, she simply had to. If it was a decision, she didnt remember making it. A wrong that her soul carried in to the world.  And it was quite early on that she began to see how the story would play out, and her role. She would die on the cross. Self-sacrifice. It's the right thing to do. And so began the journey of martyrdom. She wrapped herself in the cloak of service, not knowing that it was woven with deceit and would nearly extinguish her. It felt heavy, and safe. She would wear it with honor, and pride. This, she could be good at. Her approach was a curious one. Slowly, and surely, she made herself an empty shell. A ghost, void of anything. And it wasnt long before she saw that it created a vacuum for other people's images, pains. She gathered them, like treasures. Everywhere she turned, she became a reflection that matched anybody she met. A mermaid, reaching deep inside to find the perfect shiny trinket to hold up to a new friend, a lover, a stranger. This, my beloved, is what I see in you. Do you see it? Do you like it? I will keep it safe for you. Collecting the world's experience, so that any where she went, she would see the glimmer of a familiar face. It was the only way she knew how to touch the light. Unearthing the pains of the world from the depths, holding them lovingly until they caught the reflection of the sun shining far above the water. She became the clearest mirror. And she was proud. Like a master purveyor, if they didn't like the reflection they saw, she would turn the treasure in her hands, until it changed color, and became more appealing. She could catch light in any soul she passed. She was a perfect vessel for all of the colors of the world. Always looking to please the next wayfairing sailor to get stranded in her Waters. They always left with a new glint in their eye or a new fire in their heart. Eyes set on their soul. And she kept their image as another trinket for her chest. She was quite full with these tokens of the world. It was an honorable life of service, but lonely. The ordinary soul did not journey into these Waters. She would find herself traveling dangerously close to the surface carrying her gems, to lure them. She became more brave - more desperate - and began playing at the water's edge.  

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