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When they come and when they go...

I once met with a teacher who feels as deeply as I do about many things in life. Many people can be deep feelers, but when I meet a fellow Scorpio, there is no contest to the depth of mind and emotion  that we travel before even thinking about breakfast. It's a blessing and a curse. We feel into things deeper than most people know is possible, or care to discover. We do it as part of our nature - not by choice. And so as to not leave anyone out, if you have a sun, moon, or rising sign in Scorpio, Pisces, Aries, Cancer, or maybe even Sagitarius...or just have an open heart that has ever been wounded, you can understand. Its a beautiful, magical gift that can also leave us feeling lonely and not understood.  I am grateful to have many souls surrounding me who seem to understand, or are at least willing or interested enough to try. It has not always been that way. Or, to be fair, I have not trusted people enough to let them try in the past. But I digress. 

One of the things a deep feeler notices are waves of change in the ones we love. My teacher and I discussed how we often times feel these things long before they do. I cherish this gift because it means I can bless your path from the place of the fog that comes before dawn, before you or I even know where you will walk. It's not that I'm saying I can see the future, but I feel waves. They may or may not have definition to them, but they definitely have an energy that is so clear, I feel it in my bones. 

When you are able to sense these patterns of change before they enter anyone else's consciousness, it's like having a headstart.  But this is only lovely if I am doing a great job of loving the person unattached...the most gratifying and free place to love from, but not an easy place to set up camp and start receiving Amazon deliveries, you know?  What What about how this will affect things?  Where are you going anyway? Why aren't you giving me a heads up? A roadmap please? 

To sit in the wave of change of someone you love, when you can feel it boiling, having no idea of direction or destination, is the ultimate ride of faith, and the best test of love of another and onesself.  To jump into the wave is often destructive. And to close your eyes to it is just asking for the wrath of a painful undertow.  But to stand at the shore, waving goodbye as your friend, mother, father, sister, brother, child or lover is swept into the current of their souls path...with a smile in your heart, whispering see you soon...THAT, my friends, is loving unattached.  And when they return, in whatever form they left, no matter how enlightened or beaten and bruised they arrive at your door, to embrace them with an open heart that says 'oh hello! How good to see you again...'. yet another act of selfless love. Don't we all want to be loved that way?

I don't know if this is what we are meant to do for each other, but if you have someone that smiles when you leave and welcomes you back with an embrace, don't take it for granted. It's a kiss from heaven. 

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