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What is our past? Our history? It is the retelling of a series of events, peppered with our emotions, feelings, and thoughts about those events. It's a story. How you retell that story is dependent on your perspective, which changes all the time. It's the greatest fiction novel of all time. Fiction. Not fact. The only factual reality we have, is the present moment. Right now. 

Listen closely to how you retell the story of your past. The details of what happened and how you felt don't change. But how you feel about it now, and how it is affecting your life - that is unfolding anew in every moment.  We are not prisoners, victims, or heros of our past, although we have the ability to tell our story in a fashion that makes us any one of those things. This is the only real power our past has over us. I pray we all embrace the opportunity to watch each moment unfold with new eyes, as those of a child, seeing it clearly for the very first time.  Because this is the only truth we have. 

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