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A Message To The Light Bearers

When you come before a new group of people or a new friend, you bring with you a bundle of sticks. These sticks are the essence of you - your bundle of light and resources that are available to you. When you make it your purpose to share this light with others, you must remain aware of a deadly pitfall - that of limiting our offerings. 

Before we enter the group with our sticks, we already begin to decide which ones they will accept, which they won't like, which resonate with what we think is their current way of thinking. This is suicide for a light-bearer. Beware of constructing other people's realities. Beware of creating limitations in your mind and others. Those limitations are so strong they will manifest and become true before you even walk in the room. And suddenly, your bundle of sticks, your golden gift, has been dwindled down to what you think will be accepted. And you have single-handedly reinforced in their minds the very thing you wished wasn't true. 

By allowing anything to be possible, you allow people the right to transform. By carrying no precognition of what someone will think or how they will receive you, you allow the information and light to empower your audience on its own. For you are not the master and controller of the light at all - you are the Bearer of Light. And to hide it is to feed the fear that it doesn't have the power we hoped it would. But it does. Let no shortness of mind interfere with the power of your light. Trust. You've been chosen.

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