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My Body Is A Worthy Vessel - Affirmation and Meditation

Sometimes we run. We run to escape the pain of being human. We use our minds to leave our bodies. Consider the following as a way to stay grounded, and feel at home in your body.

My body is a worthy vessel. The true path home, the true path to connecting with God, is to fully embrace the form I have been given. The form I have chosen to experience my life on Earth.

Being human, in all its messiness, is THE PATH TO GOD.  

It is safe to be in my body. My body is a worthy vessel for my soul. I will honor my spirit by living this human life to the fullest - not by disconnecting, running, shaming, or denying myself, but by embracing all of what it means to experience this physical existence.  The awareness of my body allows me to remain present, and the acceptance of my body allows me to enjoy it.  I release all judgement and expectation now, so that I may share in the peace and joy of God. 

My body is a worthy vessel.  Thank you for carrying me on this journey.  

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