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Take A Break

What if giving up was called taking a break? What if running away from the world was called a retreat? What is shutting down was called meditation? Giving up is looked upon as failure, and we treat ourselves accordingly. The negative self-talk ensues. What's wrong with you? There are so many people much worse off. Why can't you ever finish what you started?  I knew you would give up. You've lost your spark. If you took better care of yourself, you have more energy. Sound familiar?

Our standards and expectations are created as a foothold for our ego to tear us down.  It has the best of intentions, I'm sure. But ego needs power, and you are a willing victim most days. Next time you find yourself wondering where you went wrong and how on Earth you are going to fix it, take a second to laugh. Because you did it again. You forgot you are perfect, and doing everything exactly as planned. You slave and push and meet deadlines and set goals. And then you take breaks. Time allotted for your soul and your heart and your mind to come together in silence and process the moments you've lived, touch all the tender pieces of experience you've gathered. 

Sometimes this takes a minute. Or a day, a week, month, year.  It might look messy or withdrawn.  It might look spiritual and peaceful.  Yoga. Insence. Crystals. It might entail binge shopping, drinking, or eating.  It might look like spending hours in bed, or losing a relationship.  This is where we get to trust.  Taking a break is not making a bad decision.  You will get back up, and you will continue along your merry little way. If you are still breathing, you haven't given up. You haven't failed. You are living, and this is what it looks like.  Drop the judgement.  It's heavy. 

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