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The Expression of Your Perfection

In A Course in Miracles it talks about how we are divine in every way, complete, whole, and pure love. Anything other than that is an illusion and delusion. Examples of this illusion are fear, doubt, the idea that we are sick or broken, or anything less than perfection. So we go about our lives on the spiritual journey, imagining that we are growing, and improving our perceptions - strengthening that which was weak, healing that which was ill... But in reality, we are simply becoming more accepting of the truth that we are, and always have been, full and complete. And this is where the miracle ensues. It is possible, and probable, that's we will simply one day wake up and feel the truth of our wholeness. Feel nothing but complete, and loving of ourselves. All of the growth and work that we have done is simply to find a letting go of the illusion that we were anything else. We have not acquired any new knowledge, or discovered hidden tools to help us cope in this life. It is more a process of forgetting about the old patterns that no longer serve us, and remembering simultaneously the truth of who we have been all along. So, dear child, in your process of forgetting and remembering, allow for the possibility that you have been perfect all along. That you were simply led astray, from the truth of Who You Are. At first, the remembering happens slowly. On the level of your physical body. It begins to vibrate within you at a higher frequency. And as the illusions are dislodged and fall away, it will hurt. I promise. As the remembering continues, it begins to spread throughout each cell of your body, and all layers of your energy field. This process may move fast or slow in your time, but on some level will feel quite gradual, and often painfully imperceptible. Until, one day, you simply wake up, remembering from the core of your being, that you were never broken.  That you have been healed all along. That you are nothing less than divine and always have been. And once you remember, you will never forget.

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