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Screaming Underwater

I felt you slipping away Going to that place Where I am not allowed to follow You have described it as a terrible place A dark, sad, small place So when I see you turn around And walk away Into it's grip I am compelled to call for you But you cannot hear me It's like we are underwater So I scream louder Shouting your name Begging for you to reach out And grab my hand So I can pull you from the darkness But you look so calm And unmoving Maybe a little sad, but not tortured As I thrash and exhaust myself And bloody my throat with screams Your hair floats gently in the current And your body moves slightly Barely jostled by the force of my waves I stop And see a steely determination In your quiet eyes That takes the last of my breath away You were never drowning This is the small place

The dark and still place

Not of this world The place where the angels and demons Come and go Without judgement 

And you are free

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