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Dance With Me

What are some of the most joyful or satisfying moments of your life? If you line them up, do you see a pattern? Do they revolve around career, academic or athletic accomplishments, creating something artistic or otherwise, giving to others, being or falling in love, etc? We need to carefully examine what brings us deep joy. It is too easy to get caught in society's message of what 'should' bring us joy, and it can warp our perception of our very personal and very unique truth.

So many people are discouraged with the status quo and striving for what used to be the American Dream. Unhappy with the way things are, but clueless as to what to do with their discontent. Folks, that frustration is the force that will redefine the American Dream right in front of our eyes. We are dancing on that creative edge as we speak. Please, please, dance with me. Do not stand still in discontent. If you are not satisfied with working 40hrs a week for someone else's dream to spend 10 quality hours with your family...if you love writing and are sick of promising yourself you will do it in your freetime, but never feel free enough or clear enough to put your heart into your words on paper...if you are saving up all that vacation time each year to never use it...Or better yet, taking the vacation and needing 3 days to unwind, just in time to return to the place that strains your muscles and stresses you to whatever your max is on any given day... isn't it time to take a look at the structure of your life? Is it set up to feed you or deplete you?

Do you ever wonder what you are missing when your gaze is fixed so strongly on things that bring you no joy? What wild passions would reveal themselves if we stepped away long enough to listen to the whispering of our heart? Many are afraid to know the answer to this question. It would require that things change. It's not THAT bad, they say. The desire to peek beyond the edges of their reality is not strong enough to risk losing the security they have. Others have to be worn down and broken before they are ready to risk looking within for answers. There is no right path. But if you know in your heart there is more and you are willing to find out what it looks like, just know that I am cheering for you.

It's about time we redefine what it means to happy, healthy, and successful in life. And if you relate to any of this, realize you are priveledged enough to decide whether you follow your dreams or take the comfortable and safe road. There are millions of people struggling for survival while we contemplate our passions. I will let my gratitude show in action, by reaching for what brings me joy. Because what the world needs is more happy people, spreading love. Ya feel me?

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