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There are no edges to your Heart

Our hearts capacity to love all of creation is a gift that was brought to our consciousness by teachers like Jesus and Buddha. When we use our eyes to see, we walk in the dark, and the depth and breadth of love is out of reach. When we use our hearts to see, we are shown a world where love is limitless - it is a glimpse of the divine. Our desire to connect with others is simply a wanting to reproduce the sensation of Love that our souls remember from their birthplace. The lengths to which we go in search of this love are detailed in every love song, act of war, and work of art. A sometimes gentle and sometimes fierce call to remembering that will always fall just short of the truth. Today, let your soul rest in knowing that it has never left paradise. May you see clearly and fearlessly with the wise and innocent eyes of your heart. May you love and be loved without limit, in whatever expression God has intended. It's our divine birthright, waiting patiently for our embrace.

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