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Grounding Ionic Detox Foot Bath

How It Works


The Ion Detox Foot Bath is a system for detoxifying your entire body utilizing a gentle electrical current that facilitates osmosis. A coil generates positive ions in the foot bath to create an area of greater concentration and a slight electrical current is used to draw negative ions out through the 2,000+ pores of your feet. Toxins can be shuttled out on these negative ions.


How do toxins accumulate?

In most cases, poor diet and high stress are the main cause of toxicity. We are all exposed to poor air quality, water quality, and food quality daily. Our bodies know how to detox in order to maintain optimal health, but when stressed or over burdened, normal detox pathways are compromised. This can lead to decreased cellular and organ function and other dis-ease.

What Can I Expect After A Detox Session?

After one session with The Ion Detox Foot Spa, you can experience: 

  • A deep, sound sleep that evening 

  • Renewed energy the following day 

  • Possible increased urine and bowel movements as your body continues to detoxify for 24-48hrs

After a series of treatments with The Ion Detox Foot Spa, you could experience: 

  • Improved Circulation 

  • Decreased Stiffness in Joints 

  • Firmer, Tighter Skin

  • Improved Digestion 

  • Decreased Recovery Time from Injury or Surgery

  • Fortified Immune System (less likely to get sick or quicker recovery time) 

  • Enhanced Liver and Kidney Functions 

  • Increased Metabolism 

  • Mental Clarity and Alertness 

  • Better Overall Sense of Well-being 

Who Should Not Use The Ion Detox Foot Spa? 

  • Women who are pregnant or may be pregnant. 

  • People with Pacemakers. 

  • People with implanted organs or steel plates or joints. 

  • People with epilepsy. 

  • People with open wounds on their feet. 

  • Diabetics should be aware that their sugar metabolism may improve


What Happens During a Detox Treatment?

You will sit and relax for 30 minutes while the bath is working. We will provide an herbal tea to help your body with the detox process.

While you soak, we will do a guided meditation and some breath exercises to create a calm environment for optimal detoxing. 

Most people do not actually feel anything during the detox treatment, although some have reported a slight tingling sensation in the bottom of their feet and in their lower legs. 

The color and consistency of the water will vary depending on the amount and type of toxins being released from the body, as well as the characteristics of the water used in the foot bath. Please note, a foot bath without feet in it will change color on its own, due to the minerals in the water. Color change is not a direct indicator of toxins, but can point to some possible areas of toxicity.

How often Should I Use the Detox Foot Bath?

A series of 6 sessions within 2-4 weeks is recommended.  Once the series is complete, monthly maintenance is recommended.  

If you are interested in a lifestyle and nutritional evaluation, this is a perfect time to embrace changes that will lighten the burden of toxicity on your body and ensure a healthier and happier experience.

How Much Does It Cost?

$35 per session.  You may add it to another treatment or come in separately for your meditation and foot soak.

Home Care Instructions:

While this therapy draws unwanted substances out of your body, you must support that process. Your body will be focused on detox for 24-48 hrs after your session. 

* Increase water intake. The goal is 1/2 your body weight in ounces. Ex: 150 lb person should drink 75 oz water/day. That is about (4) 20oz bottles per day, or just over a half-gallon.

*Avoid excess caffeine and alcohol 24-48hrs after your session

*Caffeine and alcohol are diuretics, meaning they dehydrate you. For every caffeinated or alcoholic drink, add that same amount to your water needs for the day

*Sugar and heavily processed foods are a burden to our body. Detox is shut down when the body must use extra energy to process these 'dead' foods. Focus on whole foods like fruit, vegetables, clean meat and dairy. Anything that has an ingredients label is at risk of being overly processed.


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